Pollination Place

An exciting new community space in the southern area of ECOSS featuring new projects including Silverculture community vineyard, Garlic plots run by Farmer Incubator, Crops for community plots trialling Biochar. Preparations have already begun to see these projects up and running in 2023. There will be opportunities for people to join, learn, and participate

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ECOSS announced as finalist for the 2021 Premier’s Sustainability Awards

The finalists for the 2021 Premier’s Sustainability Awards have been announced! Now in their 19th year, the awards play a significant role in showcasing success stories that provide inspiration for the rest of the state, encouraging all Victorians to take action towards a more sustainable future.

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Awesome Benefits of Embracing Sustainability and Going Green in an Organisation

Awesome Benefits of Embracing Sustainability and Going Green in an Organisation Incorporating sustainability into business strategies has become today’s standard. As the world endures the environmental consequences of our decisions in the past, organisations need to adopt a values-driven approach. Max Funding’s head for Start-up Business Loans, explains, “There is still numerous organisation

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DURING THE COVID-19 SHUT DOWN ECOSS will not be facilitating any programs or events. Community Gardens remain open-see details: ECOSS Community Gardens will be open for our regular volunteers only. We cannot accept new volunteers at the moment, as we cannot properly induct new volunteers. Current volunteers must adhere to our Strict Regulations,

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