Get Involved

There are many ways that you can get involved at ECOSS.

ECOSS loves and values our wonderful Volunteers.

Opportunities for volunteering exist in the following areas

  • Volunteer in Crops for Community Program. email:
  • Undertake general maintenance works needed around the property.  Various physical labour jobs, guided by the fantastic Ric Butler. email
  • Help in the office, many jobs need doing, assisted by Chelsea.
  • Creative jobs around the place.  ECOSS loves artists!! We need signage, and beautiful sculpture etc… propose your creative project to ECOSS!
  • Festivals ECOSS hosts many events during the year, if you can be of assistance please email Leanne on:

Community Garden

Our community garden is a place for everyone to come and get their hands dirty while creating community connections and new friends.  You can propagate seeds for the garden in our nursery. You are welcome to come in and have some fun Tuesday to Friday between 9am and 4pm. If you would like to come and volunteer in the garden and you haven’t before please go to the contact page or drop in and have a chat with us and we will get you started.  Currently we have Interchange Outer East clients volunteering on Wednesdays and Fridays.  They have been wonderful helpers in our garden and have energised the space.  Come along and check it out!

Crops for Community

‘Crops for Community’ is educating and empowering volunteers of all abilities to create food crops to be available at our weekly produce market.

This initiative marries the ECOSS Community Garden and all abilities program with the weekly Market, enabling opportunities for connection, and greater food security in the Yarra Valley.

Social and community benefits

Linking Crops for Community with The Produce Market is an important program designed to support the Upper Yarra Community as they are Socially and Economically disadvantaged, and already have a high number of unemployed, and people living with disabilities  and members of community.

We are looking how to best localise our economy and provide food security to the local community. We are very fortunate in the Yarra Valley to have an abundance of food producers and a very strong social fabric. The future is very uncertain right now but we do know that now and into the future people need food security and the recent pandemic shows just how sensitive our current economic system is.

By creating a Local Produce Market and through the Community Garden we:

  • Reduce food waste
  • Support local small businesses
  • Provide food security
  • Reduce Carbon emissions and Reduce food miles
  • Support & empower People with a disability
  • Promote eating healthy & fresh locally grown food.
  • Donate organic produce to local food relief groups

The ECOSS Produce Market continues post Covid, enabling our local food producers to be able to sell directly to the public. This will enable the broader community to purchase food through-out the year in a safe open air environment.

This market assists to build resilience through supporting local businesses, stimulate spending within the local community & region, improve economic prosperity whilst encouraging healthy eating with access to local fruit and vegetables.

The program aims to foster connections for volunteers in the community, including those with disabilities, to contribute to providing an essential service for the community.  Also creating a sustainable social enterprise, that offers opportunity for skill building, friendships, connections and economic sustainability, after initial funding has ceased.

Providing opportunity to be involved in a volunteer program that grows crops from seed to harvest to donate to local food relief groups breaks down exclusion and equality barriers some people with disability can face. Improving their sense of dignity. This project reinforces inclusivity that people of all abilities are capable of contributing to the community and work as part of a successful social enterprise that deals directly to their local community.

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Yarra Valley ECOSS is managed by a Committee of Management elected by the members at each Annual General Meeting of the association. The Committee of Management is supported by a range of working sub-committees, paid part-time staff and volunteers. As a membership-based organisation ECOSS needs a strong base to support its activities and guide its development. If you are interested in helping to develop sustainable living solutions for the Yarra Valley community we encourage you to join up as a financial member. Membership benefits include:

 Opportunities to have your say in the development of ECOSS and to assist with planning and management
* Voting rights at general meetings
Discounts on plants and produce
* Discounts on room and venue hire
* Regular newsletters and email updates

Annual Membership fees are: Individual            $15 Individual concession         $10 Family                 $25 Family concession              $20 Organisation/Group              $40 Annual membership fees are due for renewal 30th October each year. Download the membership form here: ECOSS Membership Form Please email the Membership form to Melanie at We have an extensive email list and a Facebook page for those wanting to keep in touch and be informed of developments and events, however joining in on these communication tools doesn’t bestow any of the primary membership benefits.

Membership Form

    Please fill in all of the details below if you wish to apply to be a member of ECOSS.
    We will be in contact ASAP with more information.

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    Volunteers & Inclusiveness

    ECOSS thrives on the wonderful input from our Volunteers. It would be very difficult for ECOSS to develop and progress the way we do without our Volunteers. From working in the nursery and in our gardens. including the Community Garden, helping with our projects and events to helping in the office our volunteers give a large amount of time.

    Volunteer activities rotate with our Seasonal Calendar of Events, and include passive and active roles. We value your skills and would love to create opportunities that interest you. We like to provide co-learning opportunities for skill sharing.

    We welcome new Volunteers at any time and believe that there is no such thing as too many volunteers.

    Please contact our wonderful Volunteer Coordinator Melanie Daymond on:

    All ongoing Volunteers require a Working with Childrens Check- our lovely staff can assist you with your application.

    Cultural Diversity is important to ECOSS.  We welcome all genders, rainbow people, all abilities and all cultures to work together in peace at ECOSS.

    ECOSS pays respects to the traditional owners of this land- the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, and elders Past and Present.

    Jobs @ ECOSS

    There are currently no positions available.