We offer a wide range of programs and workshops.

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Early Childhood

The Ecoss Early Childhood Program is an enjoyable excursion for pre-school children providing hands-on, fun environmental education activities. Each program is led by an experienced Ecoss Education Facilitator and can be adapted to suit individual group needs. Activities have been designed to immerse your class in experience-based learning creating connections through gardening, play, story and the child’s imagination.


UpCycles – Introduction to Bike Maintenance

Do you love bikes and would like to know more about them to access this booming industry? This course is aimed at anyone interested in not only the maintenance and repair of their own bike but also those wishing to gain a better understanding of bikes and their mechanics. This could lead into working or volunteering in the industry, further study or set the wheels in motion for starting up your own bike repair business. For ages 17 and over (participants must have exited from school).


Adult and Community Education Program

ECOSS welcomes student groups of all ages and abilities to come and discover the riches of ECOSS including the Natural Building Centre, Community Garden, Heritage Espalier Orchard, Cultural Homes of the World, Indigenous Reconciliation Conversation Pit, Earth Goddess, Tiny Houses, Silvertyne Biodynamic farm, Co-locators and more.