Soundscape Box

In collaboration with Aunty Kim and her work to share the Creation Story, a ‘soundscape box’ is to be designed, built and positioned at ECOSS. The final box shall complement the Creation Story mural wall being painted by artist Nikki Brown. The ‘box’ installation shall be in two parts: a soundbar speaker that sits virtually out of sight under the eaves of the mural wall, and a freestanding pedestal sensor that prompts Aunty Kim’s narration of the Creation Story when activated.
The story is further enriched by the soundscaping done by the sound engineer, Ryan. Cumulatively, the site shall provide an immersive experience for ECOSS visitors, whilst celebrating and showcasing the knowledge and stories of Aunty Kim and the Woi-Wurrung people.
As an additional note, QR code plates are to be created and placed around the broader site, linking to different websites, such as the ECOSS webpage, or individual pages translating specific Woi-Wurrung terms.

For more information view the Project Outline