Cultural Homes of the World

Healesville High School year 8 Art Students have almost completed an Earthbag ‘Home of the World’- the first of a series of cubbies that will be constructed funded by a small grant from The Andrews Foundation.  This first one was introduced and led by Alvyn Williams from Soft Loud House Architects.

We chose to begin with an earthbag building as this is a current building solution in disaster areas such as Kathmandu where Earthbag buildings withstood the earthquakes.

The second ‘Home of the World’ is our Koori Cubby, which began today, with some local Koori high school Kids, this project was designed with Koori Architects from Melbourne and beautifully drawn up by Nirvana

The Third ‘Home of the World’ has also begun, this is our Earthship cubby.  Healesville high school year 11 students will show us how we can make a building from Rubbish!!

This is an ongoing project.  If your school would like to book in to participate in either this building or would like to design one of your own please contact Chelsea on