Yarra Valley ECOSS is a community organisation committed to ecological and social sustainability, located on 7.4 hectares of beautiful land in the Yarra Valley 50 km east of Melbourne.

ECOSS acknowledges the Wurrundjeri clan of the Woi Wurrung language group, traditional owners of the land on which we are located. We pay respects to their Elders past and present, and extend that respect to other Aboriginal and elder members of our multicultural community.

Our VISION is a vibrant, resilient and sustainable Yarra Valley community.

Our MISSION is to create an inspiring educational and recreational facility that will demonstrate sustainable living solutions for the community of the Yarra Valley and beyond.

Our Environmental Goal, aimed at restoring natural capital in our environment, is –

A rural recreational and training facility that demonstrates innovation and best practice in regenerative land-use, renewable energies and resources, and the local production of food. 

Our Learning Goal, aimed at developing human capital in our people, is  –

A program of activities that inspires and enables the acquisition of the knowledge and skills needed to develop sustainable lifestyles. 

Our Social Goal, aimed at improving social capital in our community, is –

A cooperative enterprise that is owned by the community, managed by the community, for the community and expresses the community’s spirit. 

Our Financial Goal, aimed at building financial capital and financial security in our community, is –

A range of integrated enterprises that provides local employment, stimulates the growth of the regional economy and provides income to support our operations.

Our VALUES are –

Care for the Earth, its life forms and ecological processes, as stewards for future generations.

Care for People, through respect and the provision of opportunity for everyone to reach their potential.

A Fair Share of the Earth’s renewable and non-renewable resources for all members of current and future populations.

We define a Sustainable Community as one which –

1. Integrates long-range environmental criteria into all decision-making processes.
2. Recognizes that growth is ultimately limited by the carrying capacity of the environment
3. Uses renewable and reliable sources of energy
4. Endeavors to do no harm to the natural environment and repairs damage already done.
5. Fosters activities that use material and energy in continuous cycles
6. Values cultural diversity
7. Strives for local self-sufficiency by making best use of local efforts and resources, nurturing solutions at the local level
8. Has respect for other life forms and supports biodiversity
9. Supports the sustainability of other communities
10. Supports the possibilities of future generations by its activities
11. Has shared positive values amongst the members of the community.