Melganics is ECOSS’s local Organic & Biodynamic shop. We provide fresh fruit & veg as well as a fair range of dry goods and soon to come dairy and various fresh fridge products.

We aim to supply as much local grown and made produce and products from the Yarra Valley as possible, as well as sourcing fresh produce and products from further afield when local is not available.

Melganics has grown significantly since its small beginnings during winter 2020 and is currently setting up a permanent shop at ECOSS (near Tonantzin Chocolate store) so you will be able to visit to get most of your weekly food and household items.

We welcome you and look forward to seeing your smiling faces often!

Melanie & the Melganics Team

Opening times are as follows;

  • Every Friday 3.30-6pm @ The Valley Market ECOSS
  • Every Saturday 10am-1pm @ ECOSS
  • Every Tuesday 2.30-6.30pm @ ECOSS