Tonantzin Chocolate


Aztec Chocolate House, Sweat Lodges and Cacao Ceremonies

We are so lucky to have Antonia and Fernando moving their chocolate factory to ECOSS.  Planned to be operational by the end of the year, ECOSS will be the home to the chocolate factory and cellar door outlet.

They are keen to share their traditional cultural practices with you! Fernando and Antonia of Tonantzin Chocolate offer Traditional Sweat Lodges and Cacao Ceremonies at ECOSS. See their details via their FB Page.

We invite you to celebrate the gift of life and offer your prayers in the womb of mother Earth in our traditional Temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremony of purification for guidance and clarity in your life.

We will continue the prayers with a Cacao Ceremony in the Tipi in the Altar of the chakana with the Sacred Fire at the centre. We will be focusing our intentions on our sacred relationships to the four elements, and working through our hearts with the Cacao Spirit as our allay. We will be giving offerings to the Fire, praying over the Water, receiving a clensing with the white smoke of Copal resin and leaving cacao and flowers on the Earth to show our gratitude for all that we receive.
The Cacao ‘The water that runs through the heart’ a ceremony with traditional songs and prayers to the hearth of Tonantzin(beloved mother earth)

Please bring some fruit to share after sweat lodge ceremony.

“Huan Tinochtin Ticualli Citlaltin cua timo Nextla to nelhuayotl “
“y todos somos estrellas cuando descubrimos nuestra esencia”
“And we all shine like starts when we discover our true Essence”


711 Old Warburton Rd, Wesburn VIC 3799
Fernando 0411166912
Please be in touch if you have any questions