An invitation to The Great Ecological Wheelbarrow race. Open to all 8 to 12 year olds to come and race with their parent/guardian. Offered FREE by Yarra Valley ECOSS.

And a big thank you to our sponsors:

Community Pottery Studio Yarra Valley
Dakini Creations
Free Form Martial Arts Australia, Healesville/Lilydale
Nia Technique, Santha Press
Readings Cinema, Chirnside Park
Relab, Vicky Basdeo, Botanical Eco-dyeing
Ruccis Circus, Bayswater North
Trees Adventure, Glen Harrow Park, Belgrave
                                                             Victorian Skate Centre, Lilydale
                                                            Warburton Environment
                                                            Wedgetail Rides, Launching Place
                                                            Yarra Centre, Yarra Junction
                                                            Yarra Valley Council
                                                            Yarra Valley Water