Deer Fencing

In 2023 ECOSS was fortunate to receive a grant from DEECA- Deer Control Program to install Deer Fencing. 

This project enabled us to install 4 types of Deer Fencing as an Educational Model for community to view and gain better understanding of Deer Control methods.

If you come to ECOSS you’ll be able to tour the fence line and read the interpretive signage associated.

This is a wonderful resource for landholders and land managers to tour.

The fences were installed by Advanced Ag Services. 

If you would like to book a tour of the Deer Fencing for yourself or your group, contact Chelsea on

Vic State Gov Sponsor

Southern Wire Grip lock provides the ultimate in exclusion fencing for exotic animals and vermin. Manufactured with all wires 100% high tensile and heavy galvanised, they combine the best features of strength, corrosion resistance and purpose-built design.

Due to the strength and durability, these Grip lock fences are commonly specified by government departments for vermin fencing. With the widest range of high fences available.

Southern Wire Grip lock Vermin provides:

Longevity – Manufactured in Australia using high quality, heavy galvanised wire.

Strength – Super strong Grip lock knot that eliminates the risk of the vertical wires slipping.

Durability – Able to withstand extreme vermin pressure.

Ecoss Farm Deer Exclusion Fence

70-metre Back Boundary fence

Single treated pine end assemblies.

Treated pine posts at 6-metre spaces.

Steel star post spaced between each treated pine post.

4 x plain wires to support wire mesh and for extra strength.

Southern Wire Grip lock wire mesh 15/150/15 

Fence design is to allow all small native animals to still access under fence without injury and damage to the fence.

End Assemblies

Treated pine

Posts are 3 metres long x 125 -150 width.

Posts are rammed into the ground to a depth of 1.1 metres.

The top stay post is then installed with a 10 mm steel pin.

2.5 mm plain wire is then doubled wrapped around the posts on a diagonal and strained.

End Assemblies

Steel Mega Anchor  

50 N/B galvanised heavy steel posts 2.7 metres long.

Posts are rammed into the ground to a depth of 0.8 metres.

Mega Anchor headset is installed with 3 x 32 N/B galvanised medium steel posts rammed in at a depth of 1.1 metres.

Mega Anchor Diagonal stay post is installed with a stay kit. 3.25-meter 32 N/B galvanised medium steel post stay bar. 3 x 32 N/B galvanised medium steel posts rammed in at a depth of 1.1 metres.

All gates are made to order.

All these fences are made with the strongest wire options.

There are a lot cheaper options, but they also are not as strong.

Most deer range from 100 kg to 600 kg so they can easily damage weak fences.

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