ECOSS is very excited to be adding Bio Char to what’s available at our Native Nursery!

ECOSS Native Nursery is a small nursery located at ECOSS.

  • You’re welcome to come and visit to purchase plants from Tuesday-Friday, or email ( to find out what we have in stock or to place a bulk order. We have native grasses, trees and shrubs available.

  • You can place an order for native tubestock for your garden, please allow time for your order to be prepared

  • Price is $8 for a 6 inch pot and $3 per tubestock, or a box of 50 tubestock for $2.50 each.

  • If staff are not in attendance, please deposit payment in the honesty box

  • Upper Yarra Landcare members volunteer in the nursery to help propagate native plants to regenerate the local environment and to benefit our native fauna.

  • You can also purchase locally produced Bio Char from our native nursery.

  • Volunteers of All Abilities volunteer through the Crops for Community program, 4 days a week in the native nursery.

  • The nursery aims to become financially self sufficient through sales to continue running these valuable community programs and local native regeneration

Bio Char

ECOSS is becoming a supplier of locally sourced biochar. Yarra Ranges Council has collaborated with Earth Systems to build a large biochar facility on the old Lysterfield tip site. ECOSS has partnered with this project to facilitate the education program about biochar.

Biochar is a carbon-rich material made by burning biomass (wood, leaves and branches) in a carefully controlled low-oxygen process called pyrolysis. It is like charcoal but has particular properties that added to soil give improvements in soil and plant health.

Biochar has a long history of use in indigenous farming throughout West Africa and the Amazon rainforest where the incredible results can be seen even today. Many scientists believe this ancient agricultural technique has the potential to increase crop yields and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at the same time. Instead of carbon dioxide being released during normal decomposition or open-air burning, the pyrolysis process locks carbon into a stable form that can be buried underground.

Biochar has a host of benefits to the soil in your garden and has the potential to increase your soil fertility. Biochar can help regenerate poor soil and can assist in improving the harvest in your vegetable garden.

For more details on the Native Nursery, Bio Char and Pollination Place, please follow this link: