What a fantastic Community event this turned out to be. 

We decided that ‘The Show Must Go On!’ – following the sad cancellation of Ecotopia 2018, we couldn’t let all the effort that had gone into creating those wonderful costumes go to waste!
I would love to thank everyone for such a fantastic community event. Thankyou Kofi and Yarra Valley Drummers for kicking the night off with a bang!
Thankyou Simon Oats and Karina Doughty for basically organising the event, performing, and all the preparations! Thankyou Cat McKay for tunes, thanks to 80’s Inferno inaugural performance! Thanks Joe Butler for generously cooking and serving food,Melanie Daymond for volunteering endlessly! Thanks Tom Neil BBQ chef, Andrew everything,
Brendan Jones MOOP Officer Jones, Sean Marler, and Amber Sprunt for being efficient, professional judges!
Thanks to all the donators of prizes! Thanks to all the designers and contestants- AND thanks to the audience! What would a show be without an audience?!!
Thanks Rod Neason for video! I didn’t get to take any photo’s, so here’s the link to the Facebook event, where video’s are being uploaded: https://www.facebook.com/rodnea/posts/1837868819591851