Adult and Community Education Program


ECOSS welcomes student groups of all ages and abilities to come and discover the riches of ECOSS including the Natural Building Centre, Community Garden, Heritage  Espalier Orchard, Cultural Homes of the World, Indigenous Reconciliation Conversation Pit, Earth Goddess, Tiny Houses, Silvertyne Biodynamic farm, Co-locators and more.

Come and be inspired by the beautiful grounds while learning about sustainability and simple practical ways you can reduce your ecological footprint.

Each session is led by an Ecoss Education Facilitator and can be adapted to suit individual group needs. We can be very flexible in the activities that we conduct, and we are happy to put together a program for your students or group that specifically addresses your particular learning needs.

Choose up to 4 activity sessions for a full day program or less if you would like a 3/4 or 1/2 day program or just come for a one hour tour. Each activity runs for approximately 45 minutes and is tailored to the needs of each group.

We can run programs over a term or a number of days.

For bookings and further information email: or phone (03) 5967 2416


Length of visit                                                    Price per student (GST inclusive)                Minimum per group
1 hour (1 activity/tour)                                     $6.50                                                                       $130

2 hours (2 activities)1/2 day                          $14.50                                                                      $290

3 hours (3 activities)/ 3/4 day                      $19                                                                             $380

4 hours (4 activities)/full day                       $23.50                                                                      $470

Prices are per person, based on a minimum group size of 20 people. Each class/group cannot exceed 25 students. We welcome multiple class bookings. Prices are GST inclusive.

For bookings and further information email: or phone (03) 5967 2416

Program Outline

Ecoss Discovery Tour
Discover the riches of ECOSS including the Natural Building Centre, Community Garden, Heritage Apple Espalia Orchard, Chook pen, Fragrant Herb Garden, Cultural Homes of the World, Indigenous Reconciliation Conversation Pit, Earth Goddess, Tiny Houses, Silvertyne Biodynamic farm, and more.
1 hour

Indigenous workshop
The tailored curriculum includes Aboriginal song and dance, Didgeridoo performances and workshops on aspects of Aboriginal culture including art, bushfood and storytelling. The emphasis is on student involvement, which cultivates a sense of community.
Facilitated by Didgeridoo Australia, Ganga Giri
didgeridoo virtuoso and descendant of the Palawa people of Tasmania. 1 hour
Cost extra $350

Tall Trees
Learn about the tallest trees where the Leadbeaters possum lives that provide our drinking water and the vision in action to protect them for the future. Become wardens of the forest.
facilitated by Warburton Environment
45 minutes

Bees & Honey
Bees play a major role in our ecosystem as well as being a wonderful way for students to learn more about communal insects. The live observation hive at ECOSS, along with our trained beekeeper, allows students to see right inside the secret world of the hive, and learn all about why honey bees are important to our food production and our environment.
– facilitated by Yarra Valley Bee Group
Also available as an incursion
45 minutes

Compost and Worms
Learn all about improving soil, the importance of soil health and how to make your own compost. A very hands-on practical session where students interact with the worms and compost in the ECOSS Community garden.
Also available as an incursion
45 minutes

Propagation Station
While propagating your own organic seasonal vegetable seedling to take home, learn about how food grows, the life cycle of plants and how to make your garden thrive.
Also available as an incursion
45 minutes

Upcycling & Nature Art
Make your own creation from up-cycled materials and natural seasonal objects. From sewing to weaving, chop and knot t-shirt bags, dream catchers to the Art of Mending, everyone can create something beautiful to take home.
Facilitated by ReLab
45 minutes

Sustainable Gardening
Get your hands dirty in the community garden and learn the skills to grow your own food. Seasonal activities include seed collection and propagation, planting, composting, harvesting, weeding, watering, and how to design and maintain your own garden.
Also available as an incursion
45 minutes

Sustainable Building Project
Participate in the latest sustainable building project, including learning straw bale, cob, Earthship building and more. Gain understanding of passive solar design.
1+ hours

Guided Pottery Class
Enjoy making your own creation under the guidance of the artists at Community Pottery Studio Yarra Valley.
Extra $60/class to cover materials costs. Firing is possible for a small cost or take home un-fired
45 minutes or book multiple sessions

Wood fired Pizza Cooking
Make your own delicious pizza from fresh, raw ingredients. Begin with freshly picking your own choice of seasonal produce in the garden. whip up your dough and learn how to bake in our wood-fired mud brick oven.

Guided Bush Revegetation (seasonal)
Come and learn about the vital role of indigenous plants while participating in a very hands on way to regenerating the local bush and helping to restore local habitats.

Tree to Chair
Craft your own chair from a tree while learning traditional woodworking skills.
Workshop runs over 1 day/week for a term.
Extra costs for materials apply.
Facilitated by Tom Neil artisan natural builder

Ongoing Long Term Projects
Students participate in an ongoing Sustainable Building Project 1 day per week for an entire Term. This may include straw bale, cob, mud brick and Earthship building. Popular with VCAL students and Outdoor Education Programs and Camps. Can be adapted over any time period from half days to multiple sessions.