As time is fast approaching for Ngulu Festival we’d like to start sharing with you the wonderful performers we have lined up for this fabulous event…

Introducing the Djarlo Dancers: 

The name “Djarlo” comes from the Jandai language and means “fire,” a powerful element that was central to the everyday lives of Aboriginal people. In the same way, Djarlo’s performances ignite a fiery passion within their audience, bringing people together in a meeting place of cultural exchange and celebration.

Led by the world-renowned yidaki player Ganga Giri and backed by dance experts with over two decades of experience, Djarlo’s performances are nothing short of a spectacle. With each move, they showcase the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal people, telling stories through their fluid and expressive movements.

Ganga Giri:

Ganga Giri is a Palowa man born in Port Fairy, Australia. His musical journey began as a child when he started playing kit drums at age 8. Inspired by a dream, he followed his calling and began to play didjeridu the very next day. It has been a natural progression for Ganga to create a new contemporary sound by mixing funky rhythms through the didj – especially since the sound he was after wasn’t available on the market. Influenced by many varied genres, including East Indian Tabla and African percussion, he has married indigenous Australian and world music with fat funky dance beats, and has found an appreciative audience across the globe.

Ganga Giri has gained the respect of Aboriginal didgeridu (yidaki) players for his unique approach to didgeridu playing. Deeply inspired by the sacredness of Australia’s land and how that feeling can be expressed through the didjeridu, he has become an ambassador for his country, offering his world-wide audience a reflection of contemporary multicultural Australia.

Stay tuned for more updates; hope to see you here!

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