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Elements of Living Course

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Elements of Living Course

Today we live in a constantly changing world, a world that is transforming, a world that is calling us to expand our perception of reality to include both the physical and the energetic, the visible and the invisible, the material and the spiritual.
This expanded perception will aid in the healing of ourselves and the world.

Live into a healthier rhythm and life balance

’Elements of Living’, an experiential course, aims to expand and deepen the understanding of and connection to health, life and nature through an understanding of Traditional East Asian medicine and Anthroposophy.

The course explores:

The energetic nature of our body’s organs and the natural world,
The Chinese 5 element and the Western 4 element models,
The interconnectedness of body, emotions, mind and the elements,
Awareness practices and tools to enhance health, easily integrated into your day, Food choices for improved health,
The Elementals of Nature, and
An introduction to Biodynamics for the home garden.

When: Saturday afternoons 2.00pm – 5.00pm
18th May, 25th May and 2nd June, 2024.

Where: The Boardroom, ECOSS, 711 Old Warburton Road, Wesburn, Victoria, 3799 $150 full, $110 concession (incl. teaching, notes, afternoon tea).

Why: This course is beneficial for everyone, of all ages, all experience levels and can be of particular benefit to those wishing to enhance emotional, digestive and/or sleep health.

For bookings and more information:

Please call Lisa: 0412 209 761 email: elementalliving.lisa@gmail.com elementsofliving.com.au/workshops

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