Awesome Benefits of Embracing Sustainability and Going Green in an Organisation

Incorporating sustainability into business strategies has become today’s standard. As the world endures the environmental consequences of our decisions in the past, organisations need to adopt a values-driven approach.

Max Funding’s head for Start-up Business Loans, explains, “There is still numerous organisation that are uncertain about implementing sustainable practices. But they have to realise now that failing to consider environmental factors can put them at risk. This is high time to incorporate the environment into their decision-making process.”

No matter the size of your organisation, embracing sustainability can be beneficial to you in numerous ways:

Lower Operating Expenses

Even the smallest changes in your daily operations can create a significant reduction in your overall expenses and carbon footprint. You may start with unplugging all appliances when they’re not in use, switching to LED lights, and fixing water leaks. To minimise the energy leaks, schedule regular inspection and maintenance of all your machinery.  When purchasing any machinery, be diligent about its energy efficiency. You might also want to consider installing a smart energy management system in your offices, stores, and facilities.

Check the available government assistance for upgrading to green solutions

Increase Brand Loyalty and Awareness

According to research, 75% of Australians have accepted climate change, and the younger demographic is enormously demanding action to mitigate the situation.

Having a solid sustainable strategy is a way of telling customers that you’re listening to them, and you’re concerned about the planet’s situation. Embracing sustainability and taking actions can have a positive impact on your brand image. Some organisations may become enticed to partner with you due to your ethical practices.

It’s essential to state your objectives clearly. Display all your sustainability initiatives, certifications, and awards to substantiate your claims.

Attract New Market and Increase Sales

Certifications from esteemed accreditation bodies, such as Green Star Projects, will give your organisation more credibility. Environmentally-conscious customers will instantly realise your commitment to resolving environmental issues.

According to a 2019 Nielsen study, 73% of consumers said they would consider shifting to environmentally-friendly consumption habits.

If you’re aiming to be certified for Green Star Projects, you must be approved by any of the certification schemes recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). The Green Star may be awarded to sustainable buildings, communities, interiors, and operational performances.

Boost Employee Morale

Going green gives positive feelings, not only for customers but also for employees. When an organisation has sustainable initiatives, employees feel safer because they’re not seen as expendable commodities. They also feel the need to support the organisation more because its success is directly linked with its environmental initiatives. All of these can reduce turnover and increase efficiency.

Yarra Valley ECOSS can help you demonstrate how going green can contribute to the broader community.

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