We are very excited to welcome Djarlo Dancers to Ngulu Festival to be held at Yarra Valley ECOSS- 711 Old Warburton Rd Wesburn on Friday 16th June!
Djarlo Dancers will be performing with Ganga Giri – Palawa man and world renowned artist.
Don’t forget to grab your pre-sale tickets to receive a significant discount to this special event:
Get ready to be blown away by the electrifying rhythms and pulsating beats of Djarlo, the Aboriginal dance group that’s taking the world by storm! Featuring talented brothers boys from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, Djarlo delivers a high-impact fusion of modern and traditional dance styles that are guaranteed to leave you spellbound.
The name “Djarlo” comes from the Jandai language and means “fire,” a powerful element that was central to the everyday lives of Aboriginal people. In the same way, Djarlo’s performances ignite a fiery passion within their audience, bringing people together in a meeting place of cultural exchange and celebration.
Led by the world-renowned yidaki player Ganga Giri and backed by dance experts with over two decades of experience, Djarlo’s performances are nothing short of a spectacle. With each move, they showcase the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal people, telling stories through their fluid and expressive movements.
Whether you’re an avid lover of dance or just looking for an unforgettable experience, Djarlo is a must-see. With their captivating blend of music and movement, they’ll leave you wanting more and eager to learn more about the Aboriginal culture. Get ready to be mesmerized by the fire that is Djarlo!