Come and help plant out the ECOSS Food Forest alongside Permaculture Yarra Valley.

It’s an opportunity to learn from the team about Food Forest design, to put your hand to the next inspirational project at ECOSS and watch it grow!

Part of the ECOSS master plan includes the establishment of a food forest to demonstrate sustainability and food security to the community.

A Food Forest is a self-sustaining low maintenance system that mimics nature and produces food. 

This project is being developed as a joint venture between ECOSS and Permaculture Yarra Valley at ECOSS in Wesburn.

Regular working bees are scheduled to progress this important project, it is reliant on volunteer input and donations and is slowly becoming a reality.

Please join us this Friday 2nd June and then on the 4th Saturday of the month – every month to get down and dirty with the soil and plants and help bring our sustainable vision to fruition and enjoy the fruits of our labours. Literally, with fruit…

Please bring your own gloves, water bottle, and snacks.

For more information please contact Joe Butler: