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Yarra Valley Spoken Word September 2023

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The original custodians of the Yarra Valley, the Wurundjeri people, didn’t write. Their wisdom travelled through time in songs, stories and dance.  We acknowledge this land’s indigenous ancestors and elders, oral historians of the dream-time. This poetry gathering sits on the shoulders of countless generations of wisdom keepers and spoken-word story tellers.

Welcome to our Yarra Valley Spoken Word Community.

We meet at The Dreaming Space Academy at Yarra Valley ECOSS, Wesburn on the second Friday of the month and welcome you to join us and share your musings.

Ours is a space to share the power of the spoken word, be inspired by our community of artists and learn to write and share life’s depths through this life changing art form.

Families are welcome until after supper, we have a feature artist each month and then Open Mic.

Entry $10 Concession, $15 Full, Children Free.

Please bring a vegetarian plate to share; Entry includes Supper of Dahl, Rice, Hummus & Corn Chips.

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The Yarra Valley Spoken Word theme for September is exploring what it is to have conscious relationships.

Generally our life struggles are tied into the relationships we hold with the people around us (not just intimate ones). Including the relationship with ourselves.

Our Feature Poets, couple Gwen Williams & Jaap Ardas, would like to explore what the purpose of these relationships are. i.e are they just pains to overcome or are they central to life and learning deeply about it.

Gwen used to do creative writing as a child for fun but got out of the habit. She was inspired to start writing poetry after coming to the Spoken Word events.

Jaap is inspired by the poetry of shiv Charan Singh and started to write poems about unique moments in his life that were touching for him.

Tickets at the door:
$10 Concession
$15 Full
Kids Free!

Bring a friend, bring a veggie plate to share, hope to see you there! 
Yarra Valley Spoken Word
The Dreaming Space @ ECOSS
Yarra Valley Spoken Word September Gwen & Jaap
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