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ECOSS Newsletter Update


Ngulu Festival & Seminar will be hosted on Wurundjeri Country at Yarra Valley ECOSS on Friday 14th June 5pm onwards.
Ngulu will provide a line up of First Nations artists and educators through the theme: Care for Country, Care for Self.

If you would like to get involved or host a stall please contact Leanne on

Thankyou to our sponsors Regional Recovery and Yarra Ranges Council.

Corporate Volunteering and Wellbeing Days at ECOSS

ECOSS welcomes corporate groups of all ages and abilities to come and discover the riches of ECOSS and enjoy facilitated team building and skill building sessions and our unique Wellbeing Program.

ECOSS Native Nursery and BioChar Sales

You’re welcome to come and visit to purchase plants 7 days a week and if staff are not in attendance, please deposit payment in the honesty box.

You can also email to find out what we have in stock or to place a bulk order.

You can also purchase locally produced Bio Char from our native nursery.

Biochar is an incredibly porous, carbon-rich material made from burning waste biomass (woody material and leaves) in a carefully controlled low-oxygen process called pyrolysis. It is like charcoal but has particular properties that added to soil give improvements in soil and plant health.